The Best Places to Cheer the Flying Pig Marathon

Photo by Michael Anderson

Photo by Michael Anderson

Cincinnati Police estimate that 150,000 spectators line the Marathon course each year. If your plans call for being a Street Squealer, here are some ideal locations to cheer on the participants and say cheers to yourself.

Moerlein Lager House, 115 Joe Nuxhwall Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
This is the best spot to watch the start of the Marathon. Kiss your runner good luck and head to the Moerlein Lager House for a breakfast buffet and bloody mary. All of the TVs will be tuned to WLWT News 5 which carries the live broadcast of the race from 6-11 a.m. You won’t miss a minute of the action and can meet your Marathoner at the Finish Line, a few blocks away. Reservations are encouraged at

O’Bryon’s, 1998 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208
As folklore goes, O’Bryon’s was the place where Flying Pig Marathon founder Bob Coughlin and fellow running buddies designed the marathon course on a cocktail napkin. On Sundays, O’Bryon’s opens at 11 a.m. so watch the Marathon go by mile 9 on Madison and enjoy brunch and a cocktail.

Graeter’s in Hyde Park Square, Erie at Edwards, Cincinnati, OH 45208
Hyde Park Square is one of the most enthusiastic areas along the course at mile 10. Graeter’s opens at 9 a.m. for a cup of coffee and a doughnut to keep up your energy for cheering.

Terry’s Turf Club, 4618 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45226
This quirky burger joint opens at 11 a.m. on Sunday and sits at mile 19. Get there at 11 a.m. and you will see the back of the Marathon pack go by. Cheer them on with an icy cold beer and delicious burger.

BrewRiver Gastro Pub, 2062 Riverside, Cincinnati, OH 45202
BrewRiver sits at mile 24 on the course and opens at 10 a.m. Get there at 10 a.m. for brunch and bottomless mimosas and you will see the middle of the pack marathoners go by you. Cheer loudly to get them through their last two miles of the race.