Little Kings Cream Ale announces 60th Anniversary Celebrations


Take a trip down memory lane and celebrate a Cincinnati tradition! Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co., Montgomery Inn Boathouse, and JAPP’S invite you to join them for each of their stops along the Little Kings 60th Anniversary Tour. Each venue will feature the beloved beer in its own way.  

The tour will feature stops at each of the following locations previously mentioned. The lineup includes the following: 

Thursday, October 25th 6pm at Montgomery Inn- The Boathouse in the Bob Hope Room. Enjoy a four-course bourbon dinner and pairing with Little Kings. The innovative four-course family-style menu will have a special surprise dish fermented with Christian Moerlein craft beer. Enjoy a panel for Q&A with Dean Gregory, Molly Wellmann, and Greg Hardman on the history of Little Kings Cream Ale led by Schoenling Brewing Co. in honor of Ted Gregory, proprietor of Montgomery Inn and Ed Schoenling Jr., the originators of Schoenling’s famous little green 7oz bottles. Tickets for the bourbon dinner are $60 and can be purchased by calling Montgomery Inn Boathouse at 513-721-7427. 

Wednesday, November 14th 7pm at JAPP’S in Over-The-Rhine. Festivities will feature the Original Cincinnati Boilermaker, as Molly Wellman will be having bourbon tasting and pairing with Little Kings. Specially created flights of bourbons that pair perfectly with Little Kings cream ale will be available, or try another signature cocktail from the era where it all began. 

Wednesday, November 21st will be at Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co., a division of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., 1621 Moore St. Cincinnati, OH 45202. Take a tour of the brewery and production facility at 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, or 7:30pm, where Little Kings is brewed. Watch Little Kings be bottled and packaged right before your eyes. At the end of the tour, purchase a case of Little Kings fresh off the line and stock up for the holiday! The Taproom will have a Little Kings exhibit on display with collectibles from Lance Bakemeyer, the grandson of Edward Schoenling Jr. The founder of The Schoenling Brewing Co. and Little Kings Cream Ale. 

Friday, November 23rd the Little Kings reunion continuesat Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. in the Taproom with a Little Kings memorabilia exhibit, including special video presentations honoring Bob Shreve, host of the old Past Prime Playhouse show featuring Schoenling Brewery and Little Kings Cream Ale. 

Share Your Little Kings Story: Everyone has their own Little Kings story to share, and each stop on the tour will have a video booth set up so Little Kings lovers can tell their own. The booth will record 30-second clips that can be compiled into one video at the end of the tour. Don’t miss your chance to join in on the celebration for the 60th Anniversary. It’s good to be king!