New Private Label Maker’s Mark Barrel Bourbon Unveiled on Friday

A new private label Maker’s Mark bourbon hand selected in August by, among others, Britney Ruby Miller, president of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, and mixologist Molly Wellmann at the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, will be unveiled on Friday, November 30, 10 a.m. to noon, at Jungle Jim’s Fairfield, 5440 Dixie Highway.

Jungle Jim’s is the exclusive retailer for the new private label bourbon sold in bottles. 

The bourbon will also be available at all Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment restaurants (Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, The Precinct and Carlo & Johnny’s) in Cincinnati and at Japp’s and Myrtle’s Punch House. A Happy Hour featuring cocktails made with the new private label will be held at Japp’s, 1136 Main Street, on Friday, Nov. 30, beginning at 3 p.m.

“I love working with other amazing companies and groups that make Cincinnati a great place to be,” said Wellmann. “I’ve done quite a few barrel picks throughout the years and when the opportunity to do this barrel pick came up, I knew I wanted Britney and her team involved and for Jungle Jim’s to sell it by the bottle. I loved the idea of making this a woman’s pick! We have always been a dynamic city and there have been some dynamic women who have had a part in making this city so special. I believe that continues today and this Maker’s Mark Private Select is an homage to those ladies.”

“I was drawn to the story of Maker’s Mark and the leadership of Maker’s Mark’s Margie Samuels, the woman behind the brand of the iconic whiskey,” said Ruby Miller. “Molly and I were excited to join forces with other local hospitality leaders to select this new private label of Maker’s Mark for our guests to enjoy in Cincinnati.”

Maker's Mark, introduced in 1959 and sold in square bottles that are sealed with red wax, was developed by the Samuels family in Kentucky. Founder T. William Samuels’ wife, Marjorie "Margie" Samuels, gave the whiskey its name, drew its label, and thought of the wax dipping that gives the bottle its distinctive look.

 Maker's Mark is unusual in that no rye is used as part of the mash. Instead of rye, Maker's Mark uses red winter wheat (16%), along with corn (70%) and malted barley (14%) in the Mash Bill.

Maker’s Mark is aged for around six years, being bottled and marketed as small batch bourbon when the company's tasters agree that it is ready. Three varieties are marketed; the original, a mint julep flavor with green wax on the neck released seasonally in limited amounts, and Maker's 46 (47% alcohol by volume), a variety flavored by introducing seared French oak staves into the traditional charred white oak barrel toward the end of its aging. The original has been bottled at 90 U.S. proof (45% alcohol by volume).

Jackie Reau