Pure Romance’s 2017 National Training Conference draws 4,000 Consultants and $4 million in economic impact to Cincinnati

Nearly 4,000 consultants from around the world arrive in Cincinnati this week for the 2017 National Training Conference for Pure Romance, the leader for in-home sales of relationship enhancement products.

The National Training meetings from August 3-5 are expected to add almost $4 million in economic impact to the Greater Cincinnati area. According to a study by the University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center, conferences and meetings held by Pure Romance will have an $18 million economic impact to Cincinnati, starting with the 2014 World Conference and continuing through the company’s 25th Anniversary in 2018.

“As we get ready to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we want to bring our Consultants to our home town to show off the best of Cincinnati,” said Chris Cicchinelli, president and CEO of Pure Romance. “We feel it’s important to give back and help boost our local economy through our National Training, and for our World Conference anniversary celebration next year.”

The 2017 National Training sessions will offer sales tips and discussions on such topics as running a small business, social media marketing and women’s sexual health. Additionally, a number of prominent physicians specializing in women’s health will present on topics related to sexual healthcare.

Speakers include: Brian Biro, breakthrough coach; Brian Parsley, certified professional behavior analyst and human capital strategist; Debby Herbenick PhD, human sexuality expert; Madeleine Castellanos, MD, physician and sex therapist and Patricia Moreno, entrepreneur.