Why hail a cab, when you can hail a cart?

By Betsy Ross, Contributing Writer

The newest way to get around downtown Cincinnati doesn’t take gas, electricity or even fares. GEST is a new golf cart transportation company, free to riders, that takes passengers from Jack Casino west to Music Hall, and from the Banks north to Over-the-Rhine.

Owners Patrick Dye and his wife, Lauren, have been offering the rides for about a week, with more than 300 riders taking advantage of the service over the weekend. The service is supported with corporate sponsors and runs Friday and Saturday evenings, with expanded hours for special events.

“GEST stands for ‘Green, Easy, Safe Transportation,’” according to Patrick. “Our zero-emission multi-passenger vehicles are the latest, most efficient concept in city travel.”

Carts are covered for the weather and can accommodate five to seven riders at a time. All riders have to do is flag down a GEST cart the same way they would flag down a cab, hop on and enjoy the ride.

To learn more about the service, visit www.gestcarts.com.