Flying Pig's Iris Simpson Bush earns national honors


Flying Pig Marathon Executive Director Iris Simpson Bush was inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions at the 2018 Running USA Industry Conference awards dinner Sunday night in Austin, TX.

“Entry to the Running USA Hall of Champions is reserved for those wonderful people who with devotion, vision, and commitment built the sport and provided glory for the winners and a place to excel for everyone,” according to Running USA. In its statement on the award, Running USA said that Iris Simpson Bush “has not only overseen the growth of one of the premiere races in the United States, but has grown the sport of running in Ohio.”

Iris Simpson Bush has served the Flying Pig in one capacity or another since its planning in 1997, from the Board of Directors to executive director for more than 15 years. Under her leadership the Flying Pig has grown to a three-day running festival with nearly 40,000 participants from all 50 states and two dozen countries. The event also has helped charities raise nearly $20 million over its 19 years.

“It means so much coming from an industry where so many of you have helped me along the way,” Bush said in her acceptance speech. “The only way you get an honor like this is if your event enjoys a good reputation, You just can’t do it without help, and in this industry help has always been very willingly given, very graciously offered, and I thank you all.”

The 20th anniversary running of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon powered by P&G will be May 4-6, 2018. Registration information is available at