Anderson Pavilion: Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

According to an American Express Report, some six million couples were engaged last week on Valentine’s Day. Cali Rhein, Director of Sales and Event Production at the Anderson Pavilion, the event space located in Smale Riverfront Park, shares tips for wedding planning. Top tips include: selecting the date for the big day, determining a budget and choosing a theme.

Nestled on the banks of the Ohio River with the Cincinnati skyline as its backdrop, The Annie W. and Elizabeth Anderson Pavilion in Smale Riverfront Park, a gift of the Anderson Foundation, is located at street level underneath Carol Ann’s Carousel.

With spectacular views, contemporary elegant décor and ambiance, state-of-the-art technology and an award-winning in-house culinary group, The Pavilion offers a 400+ seat conference facility, ideal for hosting a wide variety of events in the following spaces:

·       Gardner Family Grove & Rose Garden

·       Carol Ann’s Carousel & Balcony

·       Suspension Bridge Riverview Garden

·       Riverview Veranda

·       Pichler Fountains

·       Suspension Bridge Tunnel Scape