Katharina's: New Space, Same Amazing Place

By Dayna De Leon and Rebecca Potzner, Contributing Writers
Photos and video by Madison Schmidt

From our history, annual events, landmarks and restaurants, there are pieces of Germany sprinkled throughout the tristate area. Like the cherry on top, Katharina’s Cafe Konditorei brings the fresh taste of German cuisine to life right across the river in Newport, Kentucky.

Exactly a year of closing up shop to move and remodel, Katharina’s Cafe Konditorei has opened its doors. The new restaurant offers more space, a larger kitchen, bar area and a beautiful beer garden. Just like the original space, Katharina’s offers a warm, welcoming, family feel.

To enjoy the full experience, our table shared three lunch entrees and dessert. First diving into the Brotzeitteller, a variety of cold cuts, cheese, meenzer spunderkase, remoulade sauce and potato salad served with mayonnaise, lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber and sliced egg complete with a basket of fresh bread. A favorite among many, the Brotzeitteller is reminiscent of many breakfasts and lunches enjoyed in Germany.

Like a visit to Munich’s Viktualienmarkt, imagine grabbing a fresh and juicy German sausage with a giant mug of beer while enjoying the summer weather. To get close to that experience, we sat in Katharina’s Beer Garden and ordered the classic mettwurst served with potato salad and a brotchen, as our second entree.

Our final entree was the Schnitzel Wiener Art dressed with a squeezed lemon and served with French fries and a side salad. Being a favorite among authentic German dishes, it’s safe to say that Katharina’s Schnitzel was well up to par and arguably the best Schnitzel in the area. The meat was tender and juicy while the breading was crisp.

The perfect ending to a meal is always coffee and dessert. Seeing as konditorei translates to “cake shop,” it was only right to try Katharina’s Schwarzwaelder kirschtorte better known as Black Forest Cake. The rich chocolate, light mousse and sweet cherries paired perfectly with a latte, cappuccino and drip coffee.