ArtWorks Announces 15 Summer Community Art Projects

This week, ArtWorks, the award-winning non-profit organization that trains and employs summer apprentices to produce public art, announced its 15 new art projects, many of them new murals, that will be installed throughout the city in 2017.

Made possible by support from the Haile Foundation, ArtsWave, the City of Cincinnati and the Ohio Arts Council, The Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank and many other funders, the projects range from murals on garage doors to mini-murals to a flying pig mural commemorating the Flying Pig Marathon’s upcoming 20th anniversary. Projects reach from Price Hill to downtown Cincinnati.

All in all, ArtWorks will employ 120 youth apprentices, 33 teaching artists.

“We are excited to announce this new lineup of art projects that we’ll be working on this summer,” said Tamara Harkavy, CEO & Artistic Director of ArtWorks. “Not only will these projects brighten up our neighborhoods, they give invaluable experience to students who are just learning the business of art.”

The projects include:

  • “That’s Somebody Else’s Dad” and “Hundreds of Feet” as well as ”Democracy” by iconic British illustrator Ralph Steadman, on two walls of Coffee Emporium’s Roasting House at 1200 Walnut Street. Employing 12 youth apprentices, two project managers and two teaching artists, the murals promise to transform the block “with weird, innovative, inspiring and wildly entertaining work.”
  • Scripps National Spelling Bee 90th anniversary mural with lead artist Paul Loehle at 1010 Elm Street downtown. Employing eight youth apprentices, one project manager and two teaching artists, the mural “will reflect the mission and the spirit of the National Spelling Bee program.”
  • “Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt” to honor the work of Edie Harper, wife of the late Charley Harper and Art Academy of Cincinnati Alumni, to be installed at 30 East Central Parkway. Employing 12 youth apprentices, two teaching artists and one project manager, the work reflects Edie’s love for animals, especially cats.  This mural boasts 8,000+ square feet.

  • “Bridging Cultural Divides” East Price Hill a series of five murals, to be installed on multiple walls covering 1,437 square feet. With one project manager, two teaching artists and 10 youth apprentices, ArtWorks is partnering with local artists Lizzy DuQuette and John Lanzador along with Price Hill Will to create the murals that will be installed along the Warsaw Avenue business district.
  • Rookwood Pottery Company Murals, with lead artist Christian Dallas, will create a destination/landmark visual on The Rookwood Pottery Company property at 1920 Race Street downtown. With six apprentices, one project manager and one teaching artist, the mural will be a contemporary design reflecting Rookwood’s familiar color palate.
  • “Dazzle Camp” at Wave Pool Gallery, 2940 Colerain Avenue. With eight youth apprentices, one project manager and one teaching artist, Christian Davies designed the project with local youth engagement to create a mural that celebrates the refugee community living in Cincinnati.
  • “Faces of Homelessness” project, including a mural at 1225 Vine Street as well as satellite installations throughout the city. Lead artists Icy + Sot are brothers from Tabriz, based in Brooklyn, NY, who also coordinated Christ Church Cathedral’s mural, “We Need Education, Not Violence.” On this project, 12 youth apprentices will be employed along with one project manager, and two teaching artists.
  • “Dream Big and Fly High” for the Flying Pig Marathon’s 20th anniversary. The mural, by Sara Cormier, will go on the west side of the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Fifth and Elm streets downtown and will employ eight youth apprentices, one project manager and one teaching artist.

  • “Wall of Queens” inside the Duke Energy Convention Center, is designed and led by Dayton, Ohio artist James Pate. The work will employ four youth apprentices and one project manager and one teaching artist and will be the Convention Center’s 12th installation.
  • The “Hero Design Company”—Summer Session sees ArtWorks partnering with UpSpring to create super hero capes for students from UpSpring’s summer camp. UpSpring provides educational services to students experiences homelessness, and ArtWorks will set aside 12 youth apprentices, one project manager, two teaching artists for the project to co-create 150 custom hero capes.
  • “Blink,” a multi-media installation, is scheduled for the Central Business District and Over-the-Rhine in October. Within the summer program, five teaching artists and 20 apprentices will be assigned to two Blink projects, creating light-based costumes and light-based kinetic sculptural floats for the BLINK Community Parade on Thursday, October 12.
  • “Walnut Hills Creative Placemaking,” with lead artist Kailah Ware will plan four directional gateways leading into the Peeble’s Corner business district. The project will use one project manager and four youth apprentices to engage the Walnut Hills community in the design of the markers, designating the Peeble’s Corner area as a creative space for residents and visitors alike. 
Jackie ReauCULTURE