Getting to and around Cannes

By Jackie Reau, Publisher/Editor

As you plan your trip, here are a few tips to consider. We planned our trip in less than two weeks, right after the schedule of the film screenings was released so we would know when “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” was going to debut.

Overall getting to and getting around Cannes is relatively easy thanks to Delta Air Lines, and Uber.


Getting to Cannes

Our original flight was CVG to JFK to Paris to Nice but our flight was delayed due to a medical emergency so we re-booked CVG to JFK to Nice which was a much better option, avoiding the frenzy of the Paris airport. A big thank you to Lisa at the Delta Special Services desk for making the re-booking seamless.

Before we departed CVG, we booked a car service called for the one hour ride from Nice to our villa in Cannes. The driver was timely and safe, making the experience a positive one. There are flat rates for service based on the number of passengers, starting at $149 EURO. Note: I would not recommend driving or renting a car in the South of France due to the steep hills, chaotic naming of streets and sheer terror of motorcycles buzzing in and out of traffic.

Staying in Cannes

I would highly recommend renting an apartment or villa for the week via There are over 300 properties listed on the website at all levels of amenities and sizes. Depending on the number of guests and location of the property, daily rates start at $188 and climb. 

We rented a beautiful villa that was 10 minutes from the Croisette (or main drag of Cannes along the coast of the Mediterranean) via Uber or a downhill 25 minute walk. The owner of the villa has impeccable taste and all of our guests enjoyed their own rooms and private space in addition to the outdoor dining area adjacent to the pool.

You’ll have fun grocery shopping at the super marche too so you can enjoy meals at home. Don’t be fooled by the name of their Kroger-like grocery store. It’s called Casino and is definitely not a casino. Or you might enjoy shopping in the small shops for individual items: cheeses, meats, fish and wine.

Getting Around Cannes

Getting around Cannes is an Uber ride away to any place you want to go. The drivers are very well educated on the intricacies of the ever-changing street names into the hills of Cannes. 

Uber rides were usually no more than a 10-minute wait and cost less than $15 EURO (surge dependent). The largest surge we saw was 2.9 for Uber on a Saturday night.