Rising Star Casino to send two to the North Pole

Courtesy of Polar Explorers

Rising Star Casino to send two people to the North Pole for an adventure of a lifetime

Winners could be one of few, if any, residents of the Cincinnati area to ever visit the Pole

Drawing is set for Saturday, Feb. 2

Each year, only about 1,000 people visit the North Pole according to The Expeditioner magazine and Rising Star Casino Resort will present the adventure of a lifetime, a trip for two to the North Pole, on Saturday evening February 2, 2019.

Hopeful polar explorers can earn trip drawing entries daily by visiting and playing at Rising Star Casino, located at 777 Rising Star Drive, Rising Sun, IN 47040.

The five-day, four-night expedition is hosted by Polar Explorers, the award-winning expedition company who has been leading treks for the last 25 years. The trip begins with arrival in the arctic village of Longyearbyen, Norway, located above the Arctic Circle. Winners can explore the quaint village perched near the tip of the globe before departing.

After acclimating in the Norwegian village, winners will board a charter flight to the floating ice station of Barneo located roughly 20-60 miles from the North Pole for an overnight stay. The Barneo Ice Camp is a temporary base built by a team of Russian engineers each spring and is just one degree of latitude from the North Pole. From Barneo, guests will board a helicopter for the final leg to the top of the world.

Once at the North Pole, guests will celebrate with photos to document the arrival, champagne toasts and a call home from the top of the world.

Visits to the North Pole are very rare because the ice is constantly moving making it hard to establish a permanent community. With this trip, the two winners will actually spend the night at the North Pole in a specially heated tent, with all food and comforts provided.

For more trip and promotion details visit www.risingstarcasino.com.

Jackie Reau